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Sunday, December 9th, 2007
10:37 pm - It's Been a While...
I used to blog so much.
I had this and my xanga - I forget which each was for - and then I started my blogspot, for the more bizarre things.
I narrate my life. I do that. But somehow these narrations rarely make it to the blog location.
I write less, too.
That isn't to say I don't write, but 10-page research essays on relics in the Canterbury Tales hardly compares to the pages on pages I used to write about princesses and princes, about girls who were rich and unhappy, about faeries, about magical worlds beyond my control.
I wish I had that power. I wish I still blogged every day. I wish I wrote more creatively.

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Monday, September 6th, 2004
8:05 am - Help!
Hi. I was wondering if you guys have seen 1910's/1920's/1930's dancing-shoe type things. Similar to these:

I like these shoes (their from Nordstrom) but I was wondering if anybody knew of any other options. Or any place that sells a lot of this type of shoe. And I mean new shoes, styled after that period. Not vintage shoes.

Thank you!


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Wednesday, September 1st, 2004
3:26 pm - Curl Perfecter
I'm actually enjoying my days at school right now. Up until French. I like French usually, but right now we're reading Le Petit Prince which involves reading it sentance by sentance in French, translating it and then discussing it. Which is exausting.

We got our first piece in band, today, too. It looks fairly simple, though I realize it's just a warmup piece. The most interesting stuff is second semester, so I won't get to play that, but that's okay. I just don't really want a solo.

Faculty meeting at the synagogue tonight. I really don't know what is going to happen, exactement. But Ellen and Melissa and maybe Julia will be there, so it won't be a total loss.


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Monday, August 30th, 2004
3:22 pm - AP US
You have to agree that it's an odd, odd start to a morning where you arrive at school a minute before the bell, buy a book and immediatley head off to a room you never knew existed. But RM is like that and consequently, that is what happened to me.

Tiring day. I realized that only one of my teachers is female this year, which is really, really weird. As a general rule (barring, of course, Mr. Feldman and Mr. Wydro and Mr. Huffman and prolly others) I tend to like male teachers better. And I have the good English teacher both semesters, plus a guy who seems like a pretty cool history teacher both semesters.

Band is confusing; there aren't enough chairs for everybody and I'm really wondering how exactly that's going to work, seeing as I know that I personally cannot stand up and play, or at least I can, but it isn't very successful. Also, I have no clue where I'm supposed to sit. Today, which doesn't count, I was in the flute row, between a flute and a piccolo (who was complaining because he's the only instrument of his kind; HA!) but that was because I wanted to sit with Aku.

Anyway, just back from the dentist's. Once again, need to brush more. But they do say that and yet I haven't got any cavities. Just this one icky tooth that doesn't like me and won't grow in....

So I have some math and I have to start my history notes and that's going to be fine and dandy.


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Sunday, August 29th, 2004
4:05 pm - Scunci
School tomorrow. I'm nervous and when I get nervous like this, I just want the thing to happen already. I found out my bus exists - good news - so I'm not worried about that anymore. A bit of schedule butterflies, although I feel a bit safer, since my classes are limited due to the IB.

Also, I found out that the school's drama club has a website and thereby discovered that our fall play is Witness for the Prosecution. It's an Agatha Christie play basically about a court case. Somebody on the forums said it's got a great ending. I was joking the other day about how many typewriters the props department has - certainly more than the Stratford Festival - and perhaps now we'll get to use one! It's funny; I don't know the play at all now, but I will get to know it and that's quite amusing. I'll try out, but it looks like a fairly small cast, so I'll probably end up doing props again. Not that I mind, really. Props is good. I don't think I can be Chief this year, but maybe next year. For J&H, one of the chiefs was a junior.

I plan on using a Lush Bath Ballistic tonight (Uluru) and trying very hard to go to sleep. I haven't figured out shoes for tomorrow, and I'm debating hair style, but I think I've got it figured out. Mostly. My sister was quite shocked when she learned that I already planned my outfit, but I suppose I'm just a teenager. I've even done my nails to match my lovely pink skirt that I bought for about thirteen dollars US (I got it in Canada).

Okay. I have to finish Their Eyes Were Watching God. So un-IB to finish this late! I've started calling it the Rabies book. I haven't gotten to that part yet, but I've read the Cliffs Notes. Yeah.


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Friday, August 13th, 2004
5:01 pm - Frizz-Ease
Did you realize it's Friday 13th? Very, very exciting in my opinion. I like Friday 13ths.

Nothings been particularly awful today - yet (knock on wood!) I finished my math and my French homework, as we're leaving tomorrow morning and it's got to be done. I think the ending of The Little Prince is awful. Not to ruin it, but he comits suicide. Or, rather, "he goes back home." Yeah, right. Not to be cynical, or anything, but he definitely asked the snake to kill him. And then, you'd think the narrator (or Saint-Exupery, or whoever) would realize that. But now, he's just like, "ah, he's home now. So, has the sheep eaten the flower?" No question of whether he's home. Just about the sheep and the flower that was like every other flower. Right.

I packed my duffel, too. It was quite lovely. I laid everything out and folded it and even ironed my khakis and then it was easy to pack. I'm bringing four pairs of shoes, plus those that I shall be wearing tomorrow. Mes parents think it's excessive, but they aren't teenage girls, are they??

Well. Brief comment about how proud I am of my new journal. I could've used any image for those butterflies, in case you doubt my skills. But I chose the butterflies and I blew them up so they're a bit pixelated. But oh well.

I think that's it. Olympic Opening Ceremony tonight. I wanna see the Parade of Nations - my favorite part, most certainly.


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Wednesday, August 11th, 2004
8:26 am - Theme Song
Shall be reading my Haftorah for the cantor in a bit. It's only half of one, actually, as I was originally going to split it with a friend. Then, we found out that the date (Shavuot)conflicted with a standardized test, so she did the whole thing and the cantor told me to prepare my part and just do it for her. Why? So I can tutor little kiddies for their bar and bat mitzvot.

This is actually the third time I've met with her. Wow. And the thing is, I did a Haftorah for Shemini Atzeret. Like, actually did it in front of the congregation. But I still have to do this one. Have you read it? It's weird. Very, very weird.

So. Homework...um, progressing. It's not going to be fun of course. The book's alright - I'm using SparkNotes, which is helpful. The math? Eh. I had to look up fifty different terms in google before I got help yesterday. But I'm fairly sure they're right, so that's quite good.

Oh, and lovely news: Yesterday, we went to the library to prepare for our trip to CDN. Well, we didn't find much so we went to the used bookstore. I got a Christina Skye, a Susan Andersen, a book I'd been reading about on Amazon that I wanted and another good-looking contemporary romance. So now I really can't wait for our trip.

That's it.


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Sunday, August 8th, 2004
9:20 pm - Head Games
Just watched the episode of Charmed where Piper and Leo end up on the Ghostly Plane. Odd episode because you want to be happy that Chris is alive at the end and yet Leo's gone. And, of course, that's when you learn how awful Gideon is (although he does believe it's for the Greater Good.) I think of all the shows I watched this year, Charmed threw the greatest twists. Other shoes have trouble making a character pregnant, but suddenly Piper had another son, Leo became a full-time Elder, Pheobe lost her Active Powers and there were a gazillion boyfriends. Plus, at the end, did Chris die?? Well, who knows.

So, we went to BD's for my birthday dinner. I quite like that restaurant - I always get the same thing. Lamb, cause I don't get it very much, water chestnuts, mini-corn and tofu, plus olive oil and lemon sauce. There wasn't a line at all, which was nice. We had desert too, but that's boring old regular stuff. Oh, and their rolls are too small.

Lots of homework this week. I intend to make large pots of tea (probably Earl Grey for the caffeine) and sit down and work. The math is going to be worse - French is just boring, not totally impossible like math. I have a feeling the internet is going to come in quite useful.

That was today. Want Birkenstocks. Also want $300 digital camera (Canon PowerShot SD10) which I will probably buy in December or January.


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Friday, August 6th, 2004
9:07 pm - Math Packet
So it was a lovely day weather-wise. Absolutely gorgeous: not more than seventy degrees or so with a breeze and some nice clouds. It was chillier than I'd prepared for, but I did have a sweatshirt, so that was good. Didn't feel like August, somehow, but I'm not complaining. I'd take cold over humid and sticky and hot any day.

Last day of camp. We tie-dyed and watched Lion King and it was lovely. Me and Lynda (my co-CIT) went crazy. It was kind of funny.

I've been braceleting, too. Found this website, here: Friendship Bracelets. It's really a nice site - I can make any of the bracelets, although my sister's is turning out weird (I dunno why; the instructions aren't up to par.) However, I made a complicated one and I'm proud of it. More exciting than the fishies, I guess.

Well. That about covers today.


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Wednesday, August 4th, 2004
8:46 pm - StormRunner
I was just looking at all the camp pictures and websites and stuff. Made me kind of sad. This really belongs in my xanga, but I'm going to put it here...how do you describe camp? (Oy, this sounds sappy?) I mean, how do you put the best month of your year into words for somebody who's never experienced it. It's almost like an out-of-body thing when I tell somebody. It just doesn't sound as real or as exciting or as fun.

Anyway, tomorrow is PJ day at camp. We're watching a movie and wearing our pj's to camp. It should be fun and exciting.

Aku and I talked for a half-hour on the phone today. I felt so teenagery. But then it was over and that was sad. Well. We will talk again. (I can't believe she got through Their Eyes Were Watching God. Most boring, icky book EVER.)

So I miss CC. And I miss the wedding tent and the stairs and the tents and our million dollar bathhouse and all the counselors and the forty-three campers and word and in-tents and the plaque and guitars and New Jersey and the bears and the bleuberries and pick up your face and the challenges.

But, you know, I was talking to Aku and I kind of think I have that in the IB. Not as close and not as intense (no pun intended) but that's becuase we aren't together 24/7. But there are still the same kinds of jokes and that "I'm with people I get" feeling. At camp, it's Jews. At school it's intelligence level. But it doesn't matter what it is. It just matters that it's there. So I'm glad for that.



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Monday, August 2nd, 2004
4:27 pm - Clean & Clear
So. I have returned from a succesful day of being a counselor in training (a CIT.) Very exciting. I'm actually working with older kids than I've done in the past, eight-through-twelve years. The camp is a pottery-type camp, but we're doing other art projects as well. Today, par example, we worked with Sculpey and then we made paper bag puppets.

The kids are okay. Kind of hyperactive - they really wanted to play capture the flag, despite the heat. One of them doesn't speak any English, so that's difficult. One of them wants attention; she used the pottery wheel this morning to make this spin-art stuff without any adult supervision. The counselors were quite angry with her - I would've been, too.

Anyway, one of the girls I'm working with is in my grade at school. I barely know who she is, but that's kind of cool. The other girl is two years younger and very talkative. Good at bracelets though - she copied my fish. Just said she was going to teach herself, so she did.

Oh, yeah. Lots of gimp and thread and stuff because we have periods where that's all we're doing. Done a bracelt, a barrel and a double barrel, and that's only the first day. Oy.


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Thursday, July 29th, 2004
9:08 pm - Call for Entries
So, I did it. I let Margie give me layers. Right now my hair has no product in it, but it's quite volumized and curly. It looks good. But Margie has magic fingers, so I probably won't ever get it to look like this again. Ever. She also gave me some hair products to try. Cool styling things. I'm excited.

In other news, my shoes came. They're gorgeous and comfy. I did the laces like in the picture, so I'm pleased with that.

Hm. Made my Key Lime Pie today and it came out well. The crust was quite good, I thought. I had a bit of trouble with some egg whites that didn't want to be beaten, but they were sorted out in the end.

Watched another epi of Monarch... It's funny because I'm watching it as I'm reading two books about Scotland and the Highlands and Lairds and stuff, so I'm getting an overdose of Scotland right now. I should pick my Mary Queen of Scots book up again and then I'd be really confused.

Not much else to say. I have an eye doctor appointment tomorrow. Never had one before. I'm scared of the drops they put in your eyes, although the rest of it shouldn't be too hard.

That's it. Lots of random things. Missed Scrubs tonight because my sister wanted to see Reba.


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Tuesday, July 27th, 2004
3:10 pm - Platinum
So. I spent an exhausting day moving art supplies from one storage room to another in my synagogue. My calves/feet are aching and I'm mentally worn out, but I think it was a really good way to spend a day of summer vacation. Firstly, I'm getting paid for it and two days of this should pay for these:

My lovely new DCSHOECOUSA sneakers that I am awaiting expectantly. Anyway, I got in a lot of exercise and it was definitely better than lounging around, being generally bored. I'm in a really good mood, too.

So, last night, we watched the Democratic Nat'l Convention. Al Gore was funny, Jimmy Carter was long and Barbara Mikulsky (sp?) was okay. Those kids weren't really good singers. But oh well.


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Sunday, July 25th, 2004
1:01 pm - Pick Up Your Face
Long post-camp entry. You have been warned.

Firstly, camp was amazing. The fastest month of my life, without a doubt. At the end of the first week, we were sitting there trying to figure out what had happened each day because we'd forgotten. Yes, camp was extrememly different, but the programming was amazing and the group of people I was with was fantabulous. I'm going to give an example that may seem kind of weird but I think describes the summer perfectly.

Lemme say that I was in TLC this year, which meant I was only with my grade. That meant 43 campers and 9 counselors living in the same tent village. Nobody else was allowed down in our village, nobody else got to be part of our programs. One night, maybe a week ago, we were going to finish a movie we'd started the first week of camp. It's called Meatballs. Maybe you've heard of it. Anywho, we had to wait for the DVD player, so these three guys got up, turned on the TV so it was a blue screen and started doing a show. When somebody yelled "Change the channel!" they'd switch to a new sketch. It was hilarious. I'm pointing this out because I've never been with a group of people so comfortable with each other that they'd just stand up and do random comedy hour.

We did these things called "Good and Welfare." Basically, whoever is holding the candle speaks. When you get the candle you say, "For the Good and Welfare of TLC" and then you say something about what happened recently or how you feel or just something you want to share with the group. At the end you say, "And with that I pass," and you pass the candle along. It got so deep during those sessions. It was like this amazing group thing and everybody was part of it...wow, I sound like I'm part of The Wave. Funny, isn't it? (We watched that one, too.)

We went to Hersheypark and on our four-day camping trip in NJ. During the camping trip, we were in serious bear country so we had to stuff a lot of things into bear bins (although there were plenty of blueberries to eat!) It rained the entire time and we spent the first night on the bus because our tents leaked. They subsequently bought us brand new six-person tents that were tall enough to stand up in. However, at this point, I feel like I've pitched enough tents to be called an expert. We learned about wildnerness survival. It was cool.

We wrote a song and I'm going to end with the chorus of it:

We made Macks Village our very own,
52 people in our home.
We overcame challenges that we faced.
Our friendships cannot be erased.
Together we conquered all our fears,
With memories that'll last for years.
We left our mark forevermore:
We are TLC of 2004!


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Saturday, June 26th, 2004
7:48 am - Pantene Pro-V
I go to camp tomorrow. I'm having the hardest time waiting. I just want to GO now. It's weird because usually, camp starts the Tuesday after school ends. That means that this year, I would've only had those half-days with exams and then last week to moan and groan and this week, I would've gone to camp. I don't usually have so much time to wait about it. My Bat-Mitzvah year, for example, school was out Thursday, Friday was big because all the relatives were arriving, Saturday was The Day, Sunday was Brunch/Open Presents, etc. and Monday we were finishing packing and just relaxing. So there was no time to wonder and worry.

I also think that I'm kind of worried because I don't know what to expect. I know what last year's campers did: TLC does a lot of prep for the Takeover, and the Play and then there's the four-day camping trip. But no chugs or anything. However, with this mass centralization of camp, I'm scared that they're going to structure our day a lot more. Hm.

You know, in 29 hours, I will know who's in my cabin and I will have seen camp. Oh, wow. That's just a little bit scary. Especially cause I haven't packed anything yet.

Well, I think that's it. Career camp was fine. We made up stories about Squeakykins the Vegetarian Lion and Merriweather the Chimpanzee, two secret agents under the direction of Fast Gary the Snail. Their mission was to destroy the evil Dragon Tallulah's new restaurant, an Escargot BBQ. Very exciting.

Going to shul today and then packing. Lots of labeling. Should be fun, yeah???


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Wednesday, June 23rd, 2004
3:29 pm - Get Your Facts Straight
Had my first "CAMP IS STARTING" moment. By which I mean that I really realized that I'm leaving for Camp on Sunday, even though it seems way too early. I was watching Outback Jack (which is a good show, no matter what Daddy thinks) and then I was thinking, hey, I can't wait for next week's epi. You know what? I won't be here for next week's epi. Can you believe that? I can't. I'm still reeling from the fact that I have 3 more lunches at home. That's it. Wow. We need to start packing.

So, career camp. Creative Writing is okay. The teacher is more laid-back and colleg-y and he doesn't really have plans, he just imposes random stuff on us. We've gotten something like six books from him, including cute journals (well from the camp, not from him) and there's a lot of poetry and stuff we've been analyzing. Compared to scary IB literary analyses, these are almost fun.

Writing for Quick Cash is good, too. The teacher's really organized, so I suppose that's good. We're learning about magazine fillers and greeting cards, among other things. She's given us some copies of writing magazines (in additon to a pen and a notebook and a newspaper every day) and I want a supscription to Writer's Digest. I might join the book club thing so I can get some of these fiction writers' reference books. They look very interesting.

Ergh. I want to go to sleepaway camp. I really do. I'm not nervous exactly, just impatient. Oy.


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Sunday, June 20th, 2004
9:01 pm - Craft Paint
We went hiking today. I imposed a 2.5 mile limit on the hike, and Daddy said he had one that fit - except then we went off to see some big rock and the signs made it seem as though it wasn't really 2.5 miles. I don't know. There were some hilly bits but it wasn't too bad altogether, the really rough patches being fairly short. Drank a lot of water, though.

We went to this big restaurant aftewards that has a huge all-you-can-eat buffet. It's like my compensation for hiking. Anyway, I couldn't eat too much, but it was good. And it was fun.

I'm working on another friendship bracelet pattern for my sister. I've been doing the fish one Iris taught me, but I told Mim to look through the book and I'd make anything, and she picked out 'Totem Pole.' It's really quite easy, it's just that I didn't have so much time today and we were watching good TV, Friends because it happened to be on in the middle of the day. I do bracelets during The Cosby Show or The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Just so you know.

Career camp tomorrow. Last week, Mum and I went down to see the campus, so that's all right. We're carpooling with this other family from our synagogue. I might know the girl, I don't know. Anyway, they gave us room numbers but no map of the interior of the buildings, which is annoying. There better be signs! It's a half day camp, though, so still time to bracelet.


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Friday, June 18th, 2004
1:46 pm - The Young and the Hopeless
I am a bracelet-making maniac. Yesterday, quite innocently, I picked up a green/blue/yellow bracelet I started over spring break. Amazingly, I proceeded to finish it, begin and finish another and even start another. So now there are five bracelets on my wrist, because I've lost my red-white-and-blue one, which was the first one I ever made. I've only made four of those I'm currently wearing, because one is the fancy-pants one that Iris gave to me as a birthday present. Today, I've finished one and I started one for my sister. Which I intend to finish, possibly start another one too. It's good.

So, Mim got Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets which we've been watching. Good movie. We think it's the scariest. I'm sure that numbers 4 and 5 will be quite frightening. I'm really curious as to see Voldemort in number 4 because I don't think they've got an actor for him yet. On IMDB, they've got one for Moody and that's basically it; none of the other abnormal roles are taken (by abnormal I mean non-recurring).


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Wednesday, June 16th, 2004
9:13 pm - The Theory of Interconnected Monkey Business
Well, I am going to make a list of what happened today, as it seems a worthwhile opportunity to use this efficent space-saving device. I spent the day at my grandparents' house and it was very exciting. The following occured:

1) My grandfather took it upon himself to teach me about ships (mostly in response to my comment about how I was researching Anne Bonny's ship) and used my grandmother's cane and a towel as a yardarm and a mast (I think) to demostrate the differences between a Square-Rig ship and a Fore-and-Aft Rig. Or something to that effect.

2) My grandfather and I listened to 37 of the 58 bugle calls on the CD, "American Bugle Calls." And yes, it's as exciting as it sounds.

3) I made the most delicious snickerdoodles I've ever had. These being the only snickerdoodles I've ever had, I must also say that I have no clue if I've done them right, but they taste good, so I think it's fine.

4) I critiqued my grandfather's short stories. Basically told him they were fine, althtough there were some grammatical errors, such as switching tenses and whatnot.

5) I started and finished my Aaron Elkins, Good Blood and got a good way through Patricia Cabot's Educating Caroline.

6) I read Baking with Julia in addition to several other cookbooks, before choosing my recipe from a church fundraising cookbook, and I have no idea how it ended up in my grandmother's kitchen.

There. That was lovely. I'm making fettucine alfredo for dinner tomorrow night; should be exciting. I feel chef-y.


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Monday, June 14th, 2004
4:10 pm - Trigonometry
It doesn't feel like summer. More like Spring Break, to tell you the truth. I spent today being lazy - I cleaned up the floor of my room, but that was about it. Watched some TV, including Camp again (you can read the review on my Xanga). It was better the second time, I think. This time, anyway, I understood the beginning. I also played a bunch on the computer. My latest piece of fiction, untitled at the moment, is going really well. It's on page three, but it's not losing momentum yet. I think it helped that I didn't charge into it right away. I spent all that time looking at dresses, so I could kind of solidify the ideas in my mind. Anyway, I'm pleased with how it's coming along. It's in the present tense which is weird for fantasy, but that's okay.

All right. New paragraph. Hm. We saw Cyrano de Bergerac yesterday and it was good. Really, really good. Very amusing. The way he was described in our French book, Cyrano seemed to be kind of pompous and very sensitive (esp. about his nose.) Really, though, he's a decent person with a big nose. That's it. And even though he died at the end and it was kind of depressing, it was a good play. I liked when Christian was trying to woo Roxane without Cyrano's help and all he could say was, "I love you." And then how he was throwing out all those nose expressions when Cyrano was telling the story. And, of course, the Cadets of Gascony (I thought it was Cadets of Destiny at first) and the line, "Sir! You are a sedan chair!") Yay! Good play.

I think that's it. It's four fifteen. I'm tired.


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